PKB Cardio Video Series

 If you're interested in just the video series for our PKB Cardio Training Kit - then this is it!

Designed by USA National Champion (IKLF) and fitness guru (check-out her guns) Audrey Burgio, her 10-Workout Video Series will keep your body-moving and heart pumping non-stop.  

Tone your abs, legs, arms, glutes.  And learn Audrey's secret formula for eating right to support your training while keeping the weight off.  A former "ring-girl" for various boxing and martial arts events, she has a few solid tips up her sleeves.

As an incentive, Audrey is also available to answer any questions on this series at: info(at)

So get ready and get going!  Get the most out of your PKB with Audrey - whether you're a beginner or advanced!


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