Boot-Camp HITT Kit


We not only sponsored Camp Gladiator Games, we've done the work-outs!

Like any serious, high-intensity book-camp - where proper technique and massive amounts of repetitions matter - the PKB Lite was a popular pick among trainers and trainees!

The PKB Lite is the ideal size, weight range and is completely scalable in weight, meaning: you can EASILY add or subtract sand for more or less weight.

This kit is designed for the serious at-home, bootcamper or the professional trainer.  Pick from sets of 2 to 6 PKB Lites SPECIALLY PRICED! 

Plus, this Kit includes Audrey's Beginner to Advanced Portable Kettlebell video series AND a portable scale.  Choose from:

  • Individual Kit: Two 0-15lb/ 7kg PKBs
  • Full Kit: Four 0-15lb/7kg PKBs
  • Complete Kit: Six 0-15lb/7kg PKBs


  • Portable scale
  • Access to Audrey's cardio video series
  • 30-day money back guarantee 

"Lightweight Workout Tools to Pack When You Travel"


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