About Portable Kettlebell

Portable.  Adjustable.  Versatile.  Safe.


The Portable Kettlebell (PKB) is the first functional, durable and highly portable sandbag-meets-kettlebell.


The Portable Kettlebell (PKB) combines the versatility and effectiveness of the iron kettlebell with the stabilization requirements AND versatility of sandbag training.  It's like versatility, effectiveness and efficiency SQUARED!

  • Easy-to-fill (no zippers or velcro!)

  • Soft construction: not iron or steel

  • Versatile: use as a kettlebell, dumbbell, weighted-ball...

The Portable Kettlebell has been used and reviewed by some of the baddest athletes, military trainers, everyday fitness aficionados and people interested in taking their fitness wherever they go.  

Visit out workouts page and see what trainers like Robert Budd of Strong First and Barron Jackson of X-Train Fitness have put together, along with physical therapists that include Dr. Dave Cahode of Redline Sports and Dr. Grove Higgins (trainer to the trainers of the U.S. Special Operations Forces.) 

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