Training and Travel: How to Pack Your Weights

March 01, 2017

If you're used to training on a regular basis, than you've probably been faced with the dilemma: HOW do I keep up with my routine when travel plans come along?

I’ve packed traditional iron kettlebells, duffel-bag style sandbags and Bulgarian-type balls for weight training, along with suspension trainers, jump ropes and gymnastics rings. There were pros and cons to all.

For me, it came down to being able to vary my at-home routine as little as possible.  And at-home I trained predominantly with the kettlebell.  

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Of course, packing traditional, iron weights is impractical, if not impossible in some cases.  And suspension trainers like the TRX can help with training while on-the-road via a variety of bodyweight exercises.   But I use weights when training at-home, not just my body weight.

So packing and training with the PKB (what I predominately use at home for weight training) was a no-brainer.  The image below shows a full PKB next to an empty one.

Because these can be used with water, albeit not as heavy as sand, I can still train presses, swings and sit-ups out of a hotel room. For added weight, if I'm limited to water and have more than one bladder I'll stack two PKBs in one hand and go for single-leg deadlifts or heavier shoulder presses.

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If your thing is to not vary your regimen while on the road, than planning is key. If not traveling with your quiver of tools, find out in advance what may be available at your intended destinations (gyms, training centers).

For more tips on ways to keep up with training while traveling, check out 4 Challenges to Staying Fit on the Road.  Let us know what you think, share your experiences or comment on what's worked best for you!  

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